Original Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach, founder of the Bach Flower Remedies, was born on the 24th September in 1886. He decided to follow a medical career and, subsequently, became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. Later he became Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians in 1912. He was awarded with the Degrees Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.), together with The Diploma in Public Health Camb. (Cambridge) in 1914. Later in life he was appointed as a leading Pathologist and Bacteriologist at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital which led to his famous Nosode work before later practising as a Consultant Physician in Harley Street.

The Flower Remedies, which later became known as the Bach Flower Remedies, became his life's work. He discovered how the various plants and trees affected his thoughts and feelings and came to understand that for each human emotional state or pattern, there is a flower whose essence that possesses an equal and opposite pattern. When these plants are used for their complementary (opposite) states, they balance our emotions and, consequently, assist in the prevention and treatment of physical illness.

Dr. Edward Bach was far ahead of his time by understanding how emotional states lead to physical illness if they are left untreated. A fact which is now recognised and accepted by today's medical profession. He spent the last years of his life endeavouring to make this simple, gentle and very effective system of natural medicine available to everyone. By the end, Edward Bach identified 38 different bach flower remedies, which he categorized into seven emotional groupings for ease of use.

Homeopathy in the UK (not bach flowers)
Why this is important

The medicines act is being simplified which could adversely affect your access to homoeopathic medicines within the UK. If the current proposals of the MHRA are endorsed by the government the following would occur:
1. You would no longer be able to get homoepathic medicines by telephone or online. 2.Homoeopaths would no longer be able to dispense or prescribe medicines to you.
3. You would have to get your homoeopathic medicines personally from a handful of licenced homoeopathic pharmacies in Britain.
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